Why do you want to know if you are dyslexic?

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For a practical purpose?

  • For work
  • For study
  • Strategies to help you use your skills better
  • An unfulfilled ambition
  • To access extra funding or support
  • To access assistive technology

Our reports offer practical solutions and enhancements

For self-knowledge?

Maybe you always suspected you might be dyslexic or someone else said they thought you might be…

  • You might want to know for positive reasons, because you are hopeful that it will tell you something good about yourself.
  • You might have negative feelings about something – why do I find this difficult, why is life so hard?

Either way, we would want you to gain something positive from the assessment, though you might go through a stage of feeling angry, upset or frustrated to begin with.

For a printable version of this sheet go to: Why do you want to know if you are dyslexic