Welcome to Unravelling Reading

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Do you remember the book “Unscrambling Spelling” by Cynthia Klein and Robin Millar (1990)? I always wanted to write the sister volume on reading, to help teachers working with adults have an angle on suitable reading strategies.¬† The book is in embryo form, needing just a few finishing touches and actively seeking a publisher.

I have been working in the field of adult literacy since 1981 and more recently in universities, through which I have developed a number of techniques that I think help. I have become increasingly interested in and irritated by the political debate on what is best for children when they are learning to read (and so by default for adults too). In order to get a bit of credibility to join in the debate I embarked on some research leading to a doctorate in education with the Open University (finished in 2012).
This section of the website is designed to be a forum  to disseminate some of my ideas and for other people to contribute to a growing resource of ideas and resources. Watch this space!