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Julie Baister

Posted 21st January, 2011 by Julie Baister

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Recent research at Princeton University suggests that if new information is presented in a font which is harder to read then the extra effort expended in reading the text leads to greater retention of the subject matter. Details of this research can be found at the link below:

These research findings contradict the widely held view that easy to read fonts assist dyslexic learners both with speed of reading and comprehension. Ariel and Verdana fonts are generally adopted as dyslexia friendly options but in this research Haettenschweiler, Monotype Corsiva and Comic Sans Italicized were used.

The Princeton researchers acknowledge that if the texts are too difficult to read then this may discourage some learners from continuing to read the information. Interestingly they also suggest  that the adoption of harder to read fonts would be a cost effective means of raising attainment!

I am sure this research will arouse strong opinions amongst fellow dyslexia practitioners.  Please use our discussion area to share your views.

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