Our services for other dyslexia practitioners

Are you working in the post 16 sector assessing or supporting adults with dyslexia? We can:

  • stimulate your thinking through topics on our discussion pages.  Subscribe so you get an email alert when a new topic comes up.  Please post comments of your own.

If you email us we can:

  • advise you on further training you may need to do.
  • respond to some of your particular assessment issues.

Dyslexia Positive is a consortium of skilled practitioners.  We support each other by discussing particular issues with assessment and support.  We quality assure each others’ diagnostic reports.

Though we aim to stay small and are not currently looking to recruit new members, we may know of other work opportunities and are always keen to make links with like minded professionals.


Get in touch

email: info@dyslexiapositive.org.uk

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