Needs Assessment

Both the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) and Access to Work funding use a system of needs assessment.

This is separate from a dyslexia assessment you may have undergone.  The purpose of a needs assessment it to specify precisely how the allocated funding can be spent.  This may include assistive technology and other useful equipment

For DSA it can include the number of hours for study coaching (and a brief description of what may need to be covered).   The needs assessment can also include an element of mentoring, if a students it struggling to settle into university routines or experiences mental ill-health.

For Access to Work it will specify the number of hours of job coaching.

In both cases the needs assessment will offer three possible providers of the services and their costs for you to decide who to go with.

Dyslexia Positive may be listed as one of those providers.  Because our business costs are relatively low we we can often provide the service more economically than other bigger agencies.  You can ask your Needs Assessor to include a quotation from Dyslexia Positive.

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