Job coaching

If you are allocated funding through Access to Work, this will usually include a set number of hours of job coaching.  Ten hours is usually the minimum for job coaching, but it can often be more.  The number of hours will be decided at your needs assessment. You or your employer can request extra hours or an extension to the time period for coaching, if you agree that this might be useful.

Job coaching is unique to you and delivered one-to-one.  The job coach will plan out the things you can cover and the things you need.  There are strict guidelines on what a job coach can or cannot do (they cannot do the work for you, or act on your behalf).  The idea is to help you achieve your succeed in your job without being disadvantaged by dyslexia. They problem solve some new strategies for you to try.

Almost always, the job coach will shadow you doing your job for an hour or so, to see exactly what you do and how you do it. They usually also talk to your line manager and help them understand the reasonable adjustments you need.  They can provide awareness-raising training to staff to help with this process.


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