Find out about dyspraxia

Dyslexia Positive practitioners can express an opinion about whether an adult experiences dyspraxia as part of a holistic assessment looking at the pattern of specific strengths and difficulties.

Dyspraxia is a syndrome which affects the way people organise their lives and co-ordinate their activities.  In adulthood, it can involve an extreme manifestation of clumsiness and poor hand-eye coordination. Or it can involve a lesser difficulty with organising time, work schedules and the environnment for work and study. It can affect speech patterns, as speech is a motor function.

Dyspraxia can overlap with dyslexia. However, in its purest form, adults with dyspraxia may manifest fewer of the difficulties with language and literacy that can affect adults with dyslexia.

To explore dyspraxia, our assessors will ask questions from a checklist of dyspraxic characteristics.  They will take you through the same combination of assessment tests as for a dyslexia assessment, but look out particularly for issues with handwriting.  We also have a set of extra assessments that investigate different aspects of hand-eye coordination.

If we find that dyspraxia is a possiibility, we will make recommendations for strategies to help with organisation.

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