Find out about dyscalculia

There is an overlap between being dyslexic and experiencing dyscalculia. You can experience:

  • dyslexia and have no specific difficulty with numbers or Maths
  • be dyslexic in a way that includes a specific difficulty in handling numbers and dealing with Maths (usually linked to problems with working memory, plus spatial and/or temporal awareness)
  • be dyscalculic but not experience dyslexia.

Dyscalculia is more than just finding Maths hard.  It can involve issues with:

  • the language of Maths
  • understanding relationships between numbers
  • understanding the values of numbers
  • dealing with symbols
  • coping with spatial information
  • dealing with information about time.

There is currently no definitive assessment for adults thinking they may be dyscalculic.  However, you can be screened for the likelihood of being dyscalculic.

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Dyslexia Positive recommends a specialist Maths support tutor in the West Midlands, who can support adults with dyscalculia:   See

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