Exam access arrangements – getting the support you are entitled to.

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Most specialist dyslexia assessors are accredited to complete the forms which students at school and college need when they request extra help in exams.  This process is called applying for access arrangements They give students the conditions they are entitled to under the Equality Act 2010, so they can succeed as well as anyone else.

The sort of access arrangements can include:

  • extra time (usually 25%),
  • having someone (or computer software) to read the question paper for you,
  • having someone to write your answers (a scribe),
  • doing your exam on computer (if this is your normal way of working),
  • doing your exam in a separate room if you need fewer distractions,
  • having your exam paper printed on a particular colour,
  • fitting in supervised rest breaks.

The job of assessors is to show that your score profile in our assessment tests is below the average you might expect for your age (in reading, spelling or writing, or the speed  you can reasonably work) and so justifies the fair access arrangement.  They decide which of the access arrangements gives you the best chance of success.  Most schools and colleges appoint a specialist assessor to provide this service.

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