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So you employ or manage someone in your team who has dyslexia? Or maybe you are not sure about why they work differently in their job? You need to think about:

  • screening to see how many of your workforce might be dyslexic.
  • arranging assessment reports for employees with a specific work focus.  These reports should specify what you need to do to make “reasonable adjustments” under the Equality Act 2010.
  • funding for your employees under the government’s Access to Work scheme.
  • job coaching support and advice on assistive technology to help your employee cope effectively with their job.
  • raising the awareness of your workforce about dyslexia.  We want employers and employees to recognise the strengths as well as the difficulties that dyslexic adults experience at work.  Dyslexia can often bring advantages.  Companies generally include teams who plan, take and implement decisions to improve practice. The most effective teams are those where each member can offer alternative and complementary skills; duplication of skills is inefficient.  People who experience dyslexia often think differently and may find new ways to solve problems.  You may also have clients who are dyslexic.  You can find out more at: and
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