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Are you overloaded with assessments, particularly when putting in students for public exams?

We are a consortium of seven experienced and highly skilled professionals.  Selected members are qualified to diagnose adults (post 16) with dyslexia, plus indications of dyspraxia, dyscalculia and ADHD. Our commitment to working positively with students with specific learning difficulties results in an enthusiastic and wholehearted approach to each assignment.

As specialist teachers, accredited though our professional organisation (PATOSS see http://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/) we offer the type of assessment that is geared very much to recommending the right sort of learning support. We have a systematic way of working to your needs, which is professional and quality-assured.

We are flexible, creative and hard-working.¬† You would not regret giving our services a try… and by the way our fees are very competitive, and subject to negotiation depending on volumes and timing.

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