Dyslexia in the workplace

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Dyslexia Positive is committed to promoting the cause of dyslexic adults in employment.

As a starting point we would like employers and employees to recognise the strengths as well as the difficulties that dyslexic adults experience at work.  Dyslexia can often bring advantages.  Companies generally include teams who plan, take and implement decisions to improve practice. The most effective teams are those where each member can offer alternative and complementary skills; duplication of skills is inefficient.  People who are dyslexic often think differently and may find new ways to solve problems.

We have developed a series of checklists for different employment contexts, based on working with dyslexic adults in employment.

These are the checklists we have produced:

Health Care Professionals dyslexia checklist

Catering dyslexia checklist

Electricians dyslexia checklist

Chartered Surveyors dyslexia checklist

Social care dyslexia checklist

Police and Fire Service dyslexia checklist

Legal Professions dyslexia checklist

Call centre dyslexia checklist

You are free to use and reproduce these documents, provided you acknowledge they came from Dyslexia Positive.

Please send us any comments on how they work.



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