Assistive technology

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Assistive technology is the term used for any equipment that can be used to as an aid to study, work or development of skills. Equipment can be provided as part of  Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) or Access to Work.  The recommendations for assistive technology will be listed in your needs assessment.  Costs for the equipment and recommended suppliers will be provided.

Assistive technology can include:

A digital voice recorder for use in lectures, meeting or for keeping voice memos.

Smart phone applications (apps) to help with time management, voice memos, accessing text via a voice, etc.

Computer programs to help you study or work more effectively.

Recommended software can include:

Mindmapping programs, like Inspiration

Voice to text software, like Dragon Naturally Speaking.  You wear a headset with a microphone and train your computer to type as you speak.

Text to speech software, like Text help Read and Write or Claro Read. The programme loads a toolbar which enables you to have the text on your screen read aloud.  You can adjust the type of voice you hear and its speed.  There are usually extra tools for spelling and grammar checking and and a facility to read as you type.  These programs can be particularly good for proof-reading.

Tools to adjust the colour of your screen background.

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