Melanie Knight

Photograph of Melanie Knight 

Melanie is a dyslexia specialist with over 12 years experience of working with dyslexic students within the post 16 sector. She first became interested in the field of dyslexia in 2003. As well as working as a numeracy tutor she supported dyslexic students on a one to one basis and became acutely aware of the difficulties dyslexic students face within the education system.
Melanie was the first member of staff in her college to achieve the post graduate Diploma in Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support. She has assessed and supported students from entry 1 to level 4 from a range of backgrounds and cultures.
She is currently employed by a major local college where her main role is the assessment of dyslexic students for access arrangements in examinations.
Melanie is also involved in the development and provision of dyslexia awareness training for colleagues and the mentorship of those undertaking qualifications in dyslexia.
Melanie was instrumental in the development and implementation of dyscalculia screening at her college. She identified a dyscalculia screener and has provided dyscalculia awareness training to colleagues. Melanie is committed to promoting the strengths of dyslexia and addressing the disadvantages faced by people with dyslexia.