Dyslexia Positive associates

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In 2010,the founder members of Dyslexia Positive got together to set up the consortium, with a view to sharing good practice, offering advice to individuals, educational establishments, employers and fellow practitioners.  In the early days we also provided an assessment service to colleges and universities.  The original associates were Julie Baister, Yvonne Gateley, Jocelyn Gronow, Melanie Knight, June Page and Sue Partridge. Jocelyn designed our logo.

In subsequent years we were joined by Ros Wright, Lesley Scott, Alison Earey and Chantal Karatas.

In November 2017, the consortium ceased formally to function as a group.  Sue Partridge will maintain the website and offer a limited advice service, while working on her Unravelling Reading research dissemination.

It is worth celebrating 7 great years of promoting a positive attitude to dyslexia through some innovative work which has touched the lives of numerous people.