Alison Earey


Alison Earey works as a self-employed Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Specialist Tutor and Assessor in the Birmingham area. Her current roles include supporting clients with an SpLD attending school, Higher Education Institutions and in employment. She specialises in working with high achieving adults and is able to assess for dyslexia, dyspraxia (post 16), dysgraphia and ADHD (post 16).

She also provides study skills sessions and dyslexia awareness to groups.

Alison’s aim is always to encourage the people that she works with to develop their full potential. She does this by helping them to develop ways of working which draw on their strengths and preferred learning style.

Her M.Ed. research focussed on the effects on parents when their child was diagnosed with dyslexia. The paper can be found at: Earey, A. (2013) Parental experiences of support for pupils with dyslexia: ignoring the effect on parents. Support for Learning, 28,1 pp. 35-40.

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