About us

Dyslexia Positive was set up in 2010 as a consortium of skilled practitioners, based in the Midlands.  We aimed to promote and support the strengths that dyslexia brings to adult life, offering advice on adult dyslexia assessment, training, and support.  We can no longer be a first point for referrals.  Instead, go to Patoss, our professional body, for a full list of assessors: https://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/SupportAdvice/TutorAssessorIndex/

Team members


    Dyslexia Positive associates

    In 2010,the founder members of Dyslexia Positive got together to set up the consortium, with a view to sharing good practice, offering advice to individuals, educational establishments, employers and fellow practitioners.  In the early days we also provided an assessment […] More »


    Sue Partridge

    Dr Sue Partridge, director of SPEC Ltd., now specialises in research into reading and extending practice in dyslexia assessment. She believes in individualised strategies to identify the best ways of learning. More »