A link to services for dyslexia support in Wolverhampton

LTS Learning Solutions  an established learning and assessment centre of 17 years, based in Penn, Wolverhampton.  They  are very pleased to be associated with Dyslexia Positive .

Founded by Jenni Crawford, a teacher and former music and art lecturer,  they offer a holistic approach for specific learning difficulties  from  initial assessment, to remediation, therapies  along with literacy and numeracy  improvements . Their clients range  from ages 5- 60 in age across all abilities.

Their treatment range includes the use of colour frequencies, kinesiology music and sound, visual, perception and kinaesthetic programmes, all of which are designed to stimulate the brain’s different modalities.

Their success rate is high and won them an award in  2008  for the most family-friendly business in Wolverhampton.

Jenni regularly speaks on Bridge Radio on dyslexic  topics and news. She is a book reviewer for  Dyslexia Action.

If you would like to know more about  LTS Learning  Services please contact  Jenni on:

01902 334528  07967 223181

Emqil  info@ltslearning.co.uk or take a look at www.ltslearning.co.uk