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Posted 15th April, 2012 by Alison Earey

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If you want to take information down verbally instead of writing it and are away from your computer, you can use a voice recorder.

You need to have a voice recorder with you and Dragon Naturally Speaking software on your computer, which you are proficient at using.

Record onto your voice recorder (some of the new ones have a special file allocated for Dragon).

To transfer it:

  1. Open Dragon on computer. Microphone should be off.
  2. Open a new blank Word document.
  3. Put your voice recording onto your computer (should auto transfer), save it in a new named folder e.g. ‘transcriptions’, so that you can find it. On desktop is easiest. Drag from voice recording file to transcription file.
  4. Go to Word document. Make sure cursor is over document, not anywhere else on page.
  5. On the Dragon toolbar it says: ‘transcribe’. Click that. You then have to select the file to take it from.
  6. Press ‘transcribe’.
  7. Click into document and it should then magically turn your voice recording into text.Transcribing


You will need to try out your voice recorder to see where the best place in relation to your mouth is in order for Dragon to recognise your words.

Also, you will already need to be proficient with Dragon and have correctly trained it to recognise your voice.

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