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Julie Baister

Posted 6th February, 2011 by Julie Baister

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As a pre – school child in the late 1950s, some of my fondest memories are of waiting for the arrival of the Warwickshire mobile library van. Before it arrived my mother and I enjoyed a cup of tea at a neighbour’s house whilst they discussed the books they had read. I can still remember every detail of the van and how the driver always helped me to find suitable books. This experience really helped to foster a love of reading.

Mobile libraries are now a thing of the past and most public libraries have been re -branded as information points. This is a far cry from my own memories in which books were the focus, but it is still alarming that such facilities are under threat.

I am heartened that an article in the Independent highlights growing opposition to threats to close local libraries and describes recent action taken in Northamptonshire:

‘The genteel protest is part of a National Day of Action in which thousands of supporters attended events in 95 libraries across Britain, in an attempt to stop what they fear is a mass cull that could see one in five libraries close during the next four years.’

The article can be found at the link below:

As practitioners we often see that difficulties with reading prevent dyslexic learners from engaging with written materials. This in turn impacts upon their written and spoken vocabulary and can be a real barrier as they progress to Higher Education. Howewer, with reading support strategies in place, many of my learners have been encouraged to read for pleasure. It seems such a shame that they may now be robbed of that opportunity.

Please share your views.

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