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Posted 28th October, 2012 by Sue Partridge

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Dyslexia Positive has devised several checklists for discussing the possibility of dyslexia (both strengths and difficulties) for people working in particular employment fields.  We hope this will be useful for individuals, for employers and for practitioners wanting to raise awareness or go through an initial screening with a client.  You are free to use these resources, so long as you acknowledge Dyslexia Positive as the source.   Please comment on what you think of these documents, and give us feedback if you use them.

Social care dyslexia checklist

Health Care Professionals dyslexia checklist

Chartered Surveyors dyslexia checklist

Catering dyslexia checklist

Police and Fire Service dyslexia checklist

Electricians dyslexia checklist

Legal Professions checklist




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  • Roswright55

    Thanks Sue for uploading these. I think they are really helpful in encouranging adults to look at the strengths of dyslexia, as well as some of the difficulties they may encounter in the workplace.
    I like the colour coding, but think I will make the final sections darker if printing off for use.

  • Alison Earey

    These are a wonderful resource for organisations to support their  policy on Specific Learning Difficulties.

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