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Posted 27th March, 2014 by Sue Partridge

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There is far too much good stuff to make a purely rational choice, so today I heard:

Lindsay Peer make a passionate plea for us to take account of the emotional impact of dyslexia.

She told us about ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) and how we might help clients channel these into constructive change.  We should aim to help people  not to think they can change the past, but change their response to it.  We do not have to be Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) experts to use some of the techniques from CBT, to help people be more realistic, more flexible and attentive to their emotional levels.  Above all she warned us not to be complacent about the impact a diagnosis of dyslexia can have on a person’s self esteem and emotional well being.

I  like the thought of working in this therapeutic way, and certainly,  Dyslexia Positive seeks to make its assessments contain good news to balance the difficulties.  However, I do, somewhat, worry about maintaining our boundaries, especially when acting as non-medical helpers within the rather proscribed guidelines for DSA.

I heard…

Margaret Meehan tell us how hard it is being bilingual and dyslexic in Wales, especially when moving from a Welsh medium school to an English speaking university.  she also lamented the lack of Welsh language dyslexia assessment material.

Rob Fidler  outline research on reading comprehension in adults, that I had not heard about, when I did my doctorate…so there is someone out there after all who has parallel research interests to mine!  His is based on work carried out in the UK and New Zealand, exploring the impact of meta cognitive interventions, with some promising results.

A fabulously funny and inspiring workshop on dyslexia and music by the DBA music committee, which gives me lots of stimulation for my other passion relating to music ( see @suepersop on Twitter)

Finally Kate Cain doing her usual immaculate job explaining the subtleties of reading comprehension, and the importance of early intervention to train even preschoolers in higher order language skills, and not just phonics …

Great day.  Let’s see what Day 2 brings.

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