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Posted 2nd June, 2011 by Sue Partridge

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I am at the 8th International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) this week in  Harrogate.

I gave a short talk on my reading research.  You can download the powerpoint if you click here, though it doesn’t do justice to some of my off the cuff remarks!  Sue Partridge BDA conference

A few random thoughts…

1.  Why is the majority of the research on dyslexia I have heard presented so far  based on a a narrow definition of dyslexia as phonological processing difficulties and reading deficits; related to children or higher achieving university students; and based on large sample quantitative findings…?  Do they miss something on individual differences?

2.  Do researchers pay too much attention to statisitical significance  in reporting their findings and not enough on validity and test error in the assessments they use?

More tomorrow from Day 2 of the conference.

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  • Melaneknight

    I agree totally. I get very annoyed with the use of the word “deficit”. What about the strengths of dyslexic learners? I have assessed and supported talented dyslexic students in FE who don’t fit into “the phonological  and reading deficit box”.  Although some students do have phonological processing and reading difficulties, some dyslexic students have auditory strengths , are able to sound words out when reading and produce logical phonetic alternatives when attempting to spell words and have developed compensatory strategies.

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