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Posted 3rd June, 2011 by Sue Partridge

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The highlights from today for me have been:

1.  The intellectual challenge of trying to make sense of and interpret some really difficult presentations on research from genetics (Julie Williams and Bruce Pennington).  I will need to read through my notes with a little more leisure to say any more… (and ask our webmaster who does a bit of genetics himself …to explain)

2.  Laura Shapiro from Aston University making a lot of sense about the changes in cognitive risk factors for reading difficulties as a child develops.   While waiting to speaak to Laura afterwards I was privileged to listen in on a discussion between her and Kate Cain about links between their research.  I am looking forward to hearing Kate talk about reading comprehension tomorrow.

3.  Being accosted by Jane Stroud on the B-Active Brain Solutions stand who had been to my talk the day before, recalled that I had tried out a demo copy of their Activise software after the Open Day on assistive technology at Loughborough Uni back in April and had been on this website to see what we were up to!  I have agreed to try out a proper version of the software (which she gave me for free!) and evaluate it on the website.  So watch this space…

4.  Some other great chance encounters with old friends and new…I wish I had brought more business cards!  I have been leaving our fliers on the coffee tables though.

5.  A lovely workshop on making your website dyslexia friendly, which was sort of reassuring about this site on lots of levels, but has also given me some more ideas to try out.

That is all for now.  It will probably be Sunday or Monday before the last installment my account of the conference comes up.

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