We specialise in adult dyslexia

Welcome to Dyslexia Positive, a website set up by a team of adult dyslexia experts. We share a huge enthusiasm for promoting and supporting the strengths that dyslexia brings to adult life.

Unravelling Reading

This website includes resources for Unravelling Readingunravelling.

This is based on Sue Partridge’s research on strategies to support more effective adult reading skills.

Who we are

The Dyslexia Positive webpage will gradually be changing over the next few months.  Although we still meet occasionally and support each other professionally, Dyslexia Positive no longer functions as a referral point. If you need a dyslexia assessment go to Patoss, our professional body, for a full list of assessors: https://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/SupportAdvice/TutorAssessorIndex/
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