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Welcome to Dyslexia Positive, a team of adult dyslexia experts. We share a huge enthusiasm for promoting and supporting the strengths that dyslexia brings to adult life. Let us show you how we could help you or your organisation.

Unravelling Reading

This website now includes resources for Unravelling Readingunravelling.

This is based on Sue Partridge’s research on strategies to support more effective adult reading skills.

What can we do for you?

Who we are

Based in Birmingham, and around the West Midlands, we are a group of dyslexia specialists who have been working together since 2010. We offer advice on all matters to do with assessment and support.  Selected members can diagnose adults  and young people with dyslexia.  Ask us for a referral, or  try Patoss, our professional body, for a fuller list: https://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/SupportAdvice/TutorAssessorIndex/
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